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Welcome to Don Worley's Webpage


Hello and welcome to my webpage.

To see my PowerPoint about Warren County Engines, please click here. This is a video from YouTube, so don't forget to pause the video if you would like more time on a slide.

Denis is working on a Jacobson engine registry. If you have a Jacobson engine, please email Denis at buzzcoil2@videotron.ca with the serial number, hp, type or brand of engine, and, if possible, pictures. Multiple pictures are best, especially a picture of the name plate.

Join the discussion on the Jacobson Engine Forum.

My latest project: a hot air engine.

I now have 25 Jacobson engines and some factory records which list all parts used on all the engines Jacobson made; Bullseye, Maynard, Spotless, Moody, and Unito. I specialize in engines made in Warren, Pennsylvania and in gas engine restoration. My collection includes Jacobson Engines from 1 1/2 hp to 16 hp; Straightline, Struthers Wells, Fairchild Betts and RG Shiley. I have the means of making most small parts for Jacobson Engines including ignition and governor parts, oil shields and mufflers. I also have literature on Warren-made engines.

I am always looking for basket-case Jacobsons or Warren-made engines and I am looking to borrow a 15 hp crank guard and 12-15 hp muffer to make patterns. I am still looking for a Type "T" thermoil.

I do not make parts for Jacobsen lawnmowers. This is a different spelling and a different company.

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